Kendall & Caleb, Married at Sycuan Golf Resort on May 26, 2013 none photoKendall & Caleb’s love story, as told by Kendall:

“There was no exquisite “meeting”, no glance across a room that left us wandering toward one another, but from the moment we found each other, we knew it was fate.

I had recently given up on dating and though I knew what I wanted, it seemed impossible to find. San Diego seemed to lack genuine guys and I had enough of the games that came along with dating. I was in the midst of really focusing on myself, and had all but intended for it to stay that way; at least I thought so. My heart knew better and I returned to online dating. Anyone who knows me would agree that I am picky; I know what I want, and what I don’t want. I certainly didn’t want to meet someone in a bar and had no patience to just believe it would happen when the “time was right”. So, I found myself back to browsing profiles- but I had no interest in e-mailing or getting to know anyone. Until I saw Caleb’s profile. It was the first one that I actually read, top to bottom, and even then, assumed it wouldn’t work and I clicked out of his profile. I instantly thought, “you should really e-mail him”. It was Veterans Day (11.11.11) and I panicked as I pressed the back button and couldn’t get to his page. I eventually found it, and had no idea I was introducing myself to someone who would later become my husband; nor did he know he had just received a message from his future wife.

Caleb, on the other hand, had never ventured into online dating, but he was transplanted into a new city, in a new state, and was looking for people to meet. He didn’t get very far. I was the first and last person he met.

After that initial message, we e-mailed each other a few times before we took to our phones. From the first time we texted, we never stopped. Caleb left a few days later to go to Washington for two weeks. It seemed as if we texted each other the entire time he was gone as well. We got along so well, and never ran out of things to say. I have never enjoyed getting to know someone so much. There was really no other option, but for the two of us to meet. And so we did. I picked him up from the airport on November 27th, 2011, and after a wonderful day of visiting the U.S.S. Midway, dinner, and a walk on the beach, we both knew we were looking at the rest of our lives.”

I absolutely love Kendall and Caleb’s love story!  I knew from Kendall’s first email to me that I would like this bride simply because she used the phrase “holy Toledo” in her email.  I really enjoyed how honest and open she was about her wedding plans and I was so happy to be able to work with her and create a custom package specifically tailored to her wishes.  She was always so easy going whenever we met or spoke and even on her wedding day!  It was the cherry on top to receive this review from her after the big day had come and gone:

“When I began looking at wedding venues over a year ago, I had no idea what I wanted- all I knew was that I wanted spacious and elegant.

I found Sycuan Resort’s Facebook page which showed me beautiful weddings that had been there in the past. I thought golf courses were super expensive (at least the ones I had looked at were!) but when I contacted Ashley for a quote, I was so surprised to find out it was well within our budget. We weren’t having a huge wedding, but were planning on a 100 guests, and I knew serving dinner would be pricey, but when I got the final quote back, I was so happy. My husband and I went and looked at the venue, we walked out to the car, and I went back in immediately to sign a contact and lock in my date. I knew that was where I wanted to say, “I do”.

Working with Ashley and the Hotel staff was amazing. Everyone was so generous, and professional. I ended up needed more hotel rooms than I had originally blocked off, and the hotel staff was accommodating to make sure everyone who needed to stay, stayed at the discounted price.

Ashley was above amazing. I had never planned a wedding before, so when I would e-mail her and ask her my spontaneous, sometimes off-the-wall questions, she would be there to help without an issue.

Everything about Sycuan was picture perfect. Not to mention all the beautiful locations on-site you can even TAKE wedding photos.” none photo none none photo none photo none photo none photo

Vendors booked for their beautiful day:
Photos by Cassie Sperling,
DJ: Gary Kelley,

Vendor Spotlight: Andy King Photography

Andy King’s brides and grooms are drawn to his captivating blend of photojournalistic & contemporary styles, as well as his attention to detail and contagious personality. His work has been described as “fresh & unique.”

The manner in which he approaches weddings captures spontaneity (natural expressions and moments), giving his work a genuine feel. This combined with his extensive fine portrait experience leads him to create uniquely captivating images of his subjects.

Andy has become one of San Diego’s most sought after wedding photographers. He also travels both nationally and abroad for destination weddings. His travels take him anywhere from Malibu to San Felipe and Costa Rica to Colombia.

He has over 10 years of experience shooting weddings, which has brought him to Sycuan over 20 times!  To say he knows all the great photography spots at our venue would be an understatement.  Just check out some of these shots!

In addition to having the pleasure of working with Andy when he photographs weddings at Sycuan Resort, he has also photographed two of my closest friends’ weddings and their trash the dress sessions:

AndyKing_0829AndyKing_0209AND he will be photographing MY wedding next August!  He has already shot my engagement photos and here is just a sample of his awesome ability to capture the moment.  I can’t wait to have him shoot our big day! That’s me and my handsome fiancee, Tim :-)


Here are a few more of his favorite shots from weddings, trash the dress, and editorial shoots:

Check out more of his beautiful work on his website:


Weddings at Sycuan Resort, San Diego

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