Summer Wedding Promotion Going on Now!

Getting married THIS Summer?  Still need a venue?  First off, congratulations on being engaged; this is a very exciting time for you!  We still have availability and would like to offer you a fabulous deal if you book one of the specified dates below!

Summer Promotion

Whether you are planning a wedding for 50 or 300, we have a beautiful Garden Gazebo site for your ceremony and three unique reception spaces, either inside one of our newly remodeled banquet rooms, or outside on our Patio under hanging market lights.  I can be reached on my direct line, 619.219.6074, or via email:  We look forward to speaking with you and planning your special day!  ~Ashley

Fall Weddings are perfect in San Diego~ good weather all year!

We sure are lucky to live in San Diego; being able to enjoy (mostly) perfect weather all year round!  My friend, Jen, lives in Chicago and said it is so cold there that the air literally hurts your face when you go outside.  No thank you.   (Time to move back to SD, Jen) :)   This makes “wedding season” not actually a season, but couples can get married any month of the year here and more than likely will have a beautiful, comfortable, outdoor ceremony! Here at Sycuan Resort, we actually had more weddings in October and November of this year than in June or September, which have always been considered “popular wedding months”.

I’m really loving these couples who embrace the Fall season and incorporate these lovely, warm colors and even some pumpkins into their wedding theme ! I had to share a few photos from Michelle and Jason’s wedding earlier this month (taken with my phone so please excuse the quality). Maybe this will spark some inspiration if you are having a Fall or Winter wedding!  If you are thinking of having a Fall 2015 wedding, contact me! (  We offer a fantastic special between the November and February months. (check back for that announcement) :)









Shannon & JP, Married at Sycuan Golf Resort on March 1, 2014

Shannon & JP are one of those couples that you can instantly tell are completely meant to be. The moment you are around them together, it’s obvious they are madly in love, fully support one another, and have a blast together. That alone is enough to make me want to work extra hard to ensure their day is perfect, but on top of that, I used to work with Shannon years ago at another property! It was a total coincidence that she came to Sycuan Resort to book their wedding day, but it made it that much more fun and special to work with someone you know. Shannon is so creative and spent so much time adding amazing personal touches to their wedding, including making her bridal bouquets by hand (see photos below)! It really paid off as you will see below…but enough of me blabbing, here is Shannon and JP’s story, as told by them:

“J.P. and I met through a mutual friend. We began a friendship over the phone; after about a month of talking, we decided to finally meet face-to-face. Our first couple dates consisted of me trying like mad to break J.P. out of his shell, frozen yogurt, bars, playing pool, Guitar Hero, and a ton of laughs! Enjoying each other’s company led to being the best of friends, which led to a strong foundation for a lasting relationship…and the rest is history!”

The proposal….
“It was our 4-year anniversary. We both had to work that day, but had dinner plans in the evening. Little did I know, J.P. never went to work that day….he spent the day picking out my ring, creating a diversion by leaving wrapping paper clippings, scissors, and tape on the coffee table (he knew I would read into that…you don’t wrap an engagement ring! Sneaky, sneaky!), and nervously pacing the house. We went to Peohe’s in Coronado for dinner, then went on the sunset gondola tour through Coronado Bay. We had wine and chocolate-covered strawberries (JP reminded me that we never even ate the strawberries), and the gondolier was singing an Italian ballad….cheesy, I know. As our gondola tour was coming to an end J.P. began telling me how much he loved me and wanted to keep me around…then came the question that I had been waiting so patiently to hear, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. I was in shock and it seemed like forever that I was speechless. I think it took so long to click because he wasn’t down on one knee, as I had always pictured it (he was afraid of falling overboard). He pulled the most gorgeous ring out of his pocket, and it hit me! Well, I guess I don’t need to explain my answer to the long awaited question…”



















Shout out to the vendors they booked to help make their day amazing!

Photography by Flavio at Leaf Wedding Photography
DJ: Diane from Primo DJs
Cake: Georgia from GG Cakes
Head Table: 1,000 Linens of San Diego

Thank you, Shannon and JP, for choosing Sycuan Resort for your special day and thank you for allowing me to share it with everyone on our blog! :)


Whitney & Joey, Married at Sycuan Golf Resort on September 1, 2013

Back in April of this year I received a message on my LinkedIn profile from a college friend who had just got engaged.  She wanted me to send her pricing on our wedding packages to possibly hold it at Sycuan Golf Resort.  I was so excited for her and for the possibility of being able to host her special day… and then she booked Sycuan!  I am constantly reminded of why I am in this profession by the wonderful couples I meet and the brides who turn into friends; but it is even more special when it is someone you already know and now they have trusted you with the biggest day of their life!  Whitney is just like me (hence why we both work in this industry) with great attention to detail, very organized, and knew exactly what she wanted (and didn’t want).  She was such a pleasure to work with and it was a very special moment seeing her walk down the aisle to the love of her life. (And it was like a mini college reunion seeing some of my old classmates!)














Here is the story of Whitney & Joey, as told by Whitney:

 Joey and I met through my roommate, who was Joe’s coworker. My roommate invited me to a work function at a bar they were having. Joey stood out to me that night as he had the prettiest and most mischievous looking eyes behind his full bearded face. He barely said anything to me but was friendly. I learned the next day he was in a relationship but in all honesty I just got out of one and wasn’t looking or interested in dating. Over the following year I’d occasionally tell my roommate to tell him hi for me and vice versa. Or we’d bump into each other when out with friends at the bar. It was a year later that Joey asked me out. We dated a year and a half before he proposed. We were spending a long weekend with our neighbors in Vegas. Joey is a big meat lover so we had dinner Delmonico at The Venetian hotel. After dinner, on a whim, we decided to take the gondola ride through the hotel. I was surprised Joey was game to do it because he’s not into that kind of stuff. And by that, I mean romantic stuff.  When the gondolier asked us if we were celebrating anything I shrugged it off and casually said ‘no, we are just in town having dinner.’ And then Joey added “Well actually, I am about to ask this pretty girl to marry me” as he proceeded to unbuckle and get on one knee. I was floored! I couldn’t believe he had planned this out! Turns out he was so nervous the entire ride out to Vegas because he didn’t want me feeling the ring in his pocket. He got all dressed up for dinner when the rest of us wanted to wear jeans. And he only had one beer at dinner, which is very unusual! My neighbors were in on it too I learned. The husband had known for weeks but Joey only told the wife that day when we stopped for breakfast in Barstow and I used the restroom. She didn’t believe him at breakfast and shared that when he agreed to the gondola ride she knew he was serious, because she also knew that he’s not a romantic guy.  It was one of the happiest days of my life besides our wedding day. I married a hilarious, sexy, kind, and generous man who absolutely adores me. The gondola proposal was even more special when we rode a real gondola in Venice for our honeymoon.









Thank you to Whitney & Joey’s awesome vendors who helped make their day so special:

Photography: Studio None Photography
DJ: Sunset Mobile Music
Cake: Flour Power
Photo Booth: Instant Memories Photobooths