About Sycuan

Above all else, Sycuan is a people. Incredibly, our ancestors have lived in the San Diego area for nearly 12,000 years. Currently, there are 130 Sycuan tribal members and we proudly pass down many time-honored traditions to keep our heritage and customs alive. Also at the forefront of establishing Sycuan’s identity is our sovereignty.

the Sycuan TribeAs a Native American Indian tribe, Sycuan is an independent, sovereign nation with our own democratically elected government, the Tribal Council. Our people abide by tribal laws as well as state and federal laws. As an independent nation and independent government, Sycuan maintains government-to-government relationships with the city, county, state and United States governments.

To help us grow, we continue to diversify as a business enterprise. To date, our
casino has been our most noteworthy economic success. In fact, we are very proud of our beautiful, state-of-the-art casino and we’re sure that you’ll agree it is like nothing you have ever seen before.

Operating a successful casino was just the beginning…

To realize our goal of diversification, the Sycuan Tribal Development Corporation (STDC) was established. STDC’s first acquisition was the beautiful golf course and resort property of Singing Hills, making Sycuan the first tribe in San Diego to offer guests a true resort experience.

The Sycuan nation operates their own casinoSince then, STDC has been busy with development projects in downtown San Diego and National City, purchasing the historic US Grant, beginning a capital management firm and becoming boxing promoters with Ringside Promotions by Sycuan. Continue browsing our website for information on current and future STDC ventures.

Our identity is also that of a good neighbor. This is of utmost importance to Sycuan. We have contributed generously to hundreds of charitable and civic organizations
over the years. We are so grateful for the gift we have received. It is an obligation that we have taken upon ourselves to help our neighbors and make San Diego, our native homeland, a better place.

Thank you again for your interest in Sycuan. We are confident that by learning more about us, touring our website or coming out to the reservation for a first-hand visit, you will leave with a better understanding of Sycuan and the many unique and diverse facets that make up a modern-day Native American tribe. Come talk to us, we have an interesting story to tell.